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Howard “Morgan” Henry lost his life in 2011 due to a severe asthma attack. His death was an unexpected tragedy, very difficult for his family and friends. They have chosen to honour his memory by raising funds to assist the Asthma Society of Canada in its ongoing work to help others BREATHE EASY. 
The 2012 event featured great music, draws, and was a great success!! To find out more about the 2013 event visit: and to support it, click here:


The Asthma Society of Canada is registered in charity races across Canada, raising awareness about asthma and fundraising for education, programs, and research projects. By signing up for Team Asthm, you join other Canadians who wish to raise money in support of people living with and/or caring for children living with asthma.

Click here for more information on participating races and how to join!

Halifax - May 17 - 19, 2013 Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon (and Half-Marathon, 10k, 5k & 4k Youth Run
Ottawa - May 25, 26 2013 Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend (Marathon, Half-Marathon, 10k, 5k & 2k)
Vancouver - June 23, 2013 Vancouver Half-Marathon & 5k
Toronto - October 20, 2013 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon (and Half-Marathon & 5k)


May 7th was World Asthma Day. For 3 million Canadians, asthma is affecting their health and quality of life. Working with Health Professionals, Patients, Researchers, and other Partners, the Asthma Society of Canada is working to provide solutions to the challenges of Asthma and Associated allergies in Canada.

Please check back for information on Canadian World Asthma Day 2013 information.


Team Asthma Races
Team Asthma members ran in several races in 2012, raising money for asthma and achieving personal goals.
Team Asthma is a network of active Canadians who proudly wear the Team Asthma logo and prove that asthma does not stop us from achieving our goals. Sign up and get more information today by clicking here!
Follow Team Asthma member and long distance runner John Healy’s blog as he trains to run with asthma click here.

2012 Races with Team Asthma Participants:

  • Toronto Waterfront Marathon
  • Vancouver Half Marathon
  • 21k de Montréal

World Congress on Asthma
The National Asthma Patient Alliance (NAPA) held a meeting of its Patient Executive Committee in conjunction with the World Congress of Asthma on August 19, 2012 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.  The meeting was a celebration of the 5th anniversary of the creation of NAPA and served as an opportunity for the Executive Committee to evaluate the past successes of the Alliance, discuss on-going programming, future growth and set new priorities moving forward.

The meeting was hosted by the Asthma Society of Canada with the support of Merck Canada.  In addition to the various discussion sessions which took place throughout the day, representatives from across Canada heard a presentation from Antje Fink-Wagner, Executive Director of the Global Allergy and Asthma Patient Platform (GAAPP).

Discussion sessions included:
-NAPA at Five:  Have we fulfilled our original mandate?
-Education and Advocacy:  How does NAPA help people with asthma live healthy and active live through individual’s education and awareness and community action?
-Getting Involved:  How do we increase membership and member involvement in NAPA activities through programming and communications?
-Moving forward:  what should the next five years look like? 

Additionally, NAPA participated in the GAAPP Symposium entitled The Patient Voice, Allergy and Asthma Patient Activities around the World which was co-chaired by Asthma Society of Canada President & CEO Dr. Robert Oliphant.  NAPA was represented by GAAPP Vice-Treasurer, and NAPA Executive Committee member, Rob Lanteigne, who gave a presentation on NAPA activities entitled Moving Asthma Issues forward, National Asthma Patient Alliance and experiences with Patient Engagement, Results of a Survey of Canadian Asthma Patients.

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