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Ways You Can Donate

Imagine Canada    The Asthma Society of Canada is an Imagine Canada's Ethical Code charity.
1. Donate now by phone, mail or fax.
2. Join our monthly giving program.
3. Make a designated donation through the United Way
4. Make a donation through your employee group.
5. Support us with a gift of securities.
6. Make a gift in honour or in memory of someone special.
7. Make a planned gift. 7. Make a planned gift.

1. Donate Online or by Phone, Mail, or Fax


To make a secure and easy donation online, visit the Asthma Society of Canada page at

For mail donations, print our Donation Form and mail it along with your gift to:

By Mail

Asthma Society of Canada
124 Merton Street, Suite 401
Toronto, Ontario
M4S 2Z2

By Fax

For fax donations, print our Donation Form and fax it to:

Asthma Society of Canada,
Fax: (416) 787-5807

By Phone

If you would like to make your donation over the phone or would like to talk to an Asthma Society of Canada representative to complete your donation, please contact us at 1-866-787-4050, email:

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2. Join our Monthly Giving Program

How can you make your donation work harder for those with asthma? Join the Asthma Society of Canada's monthly giving program, and see the best possible returns on your gift!

What are the benefits of monthly giving?

  1. Easy, monthly deductions with less administrative costs attached.
  2. One convenient annual receipt, which means less waste, and simplifies your record keeping.
  3. A guaranteed, monthly revenue to help us fund important programs.
  4. A simple, yearly reminder that reduces unnecessary mailings.

Samples of How Your Monthly Donation will Help

Per Month: Per Year: Your Donation Provides:
$5 $60 Access to information brochures for 400 individuals
$10 $120 Personalized asthma information kits, including information on asthma, tips for managing it effectively, and community resources for 30 Asthma Clients, Caregivers, Newly Diagnosed, and their Families
$20 $240 Professional asthma education, counselling and support from a Certified Asthma Educator to 40 Asthma Clients through our toll-free telephone line.

To discuss your monthly donation please contact us at 1-866-787-4050. Or simply print the attached Monthly Giving Form, mail it along to the Asthma Society of Canada with a void cheque. Or if you would like to make a donation using your credit card, please call 1-866-787-4050.

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3. Donate your old car

Want to get rid of your old car? Car Heaven rewards you and makes it easy to retire your old car for good.  Car Heaven, a program of the Automotive Recyclers of Canada, takes high polluting cars off the road in an effort to improve the air we breathe. Through the Car Heaven Program not only is your car recycled to the strict environmental code of practice, but the proceeds from the sale of your car will help us reach out to the 3 million Canadians who are living with asthma.

All vehicles models and years are eligible.  All vehicles are bid on by automotive recycling association members with a minimum tax receipt of $100.  Donate your old car today to the Asthma Society of Canada. Your donation will help more Canadians achieve an active, asthma-managed life!

For more information or to donate your vehicle, visit or call 1-877-755-6272

Donate A Car Canada accepts Vehicle Donations for Asthma Society of Canada.  We provide free towing in many areas across Canada, or you can drop off your vehicle to maximize your donation. When you Donate your  RV, boat, motorcycle or other vehicle to Asthma Society of Canada through Donate A Car Canada, it will either be recycled or sold at auction depending on its condition, age and location.

Donate A Car Canada will look after all the details to make it easy for your Charity to benefit.

After your Vehicle Donation is complete,  Asthma Society of Canada will send you a tax receipt within 45 days!

For more information or to donate your vehicle, visit

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4. Make a Donation Through Your Employee Group

Make a donation through your company's employee fund. Many companies have employee fundraising campaigns, either for specific charities chosen by the Donations Committee or for charities chosen directly by the employees. We would be happy to make a presentation, and to discuss asthma-support programs for employee groups.

Many employers will match donations made by their employees up to a certain limit. Your gift to the Asthma Society of Canada then becomes twice as valuable! Check with your Human Resources Department to learn how to take advantage of this valuable giving option.

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5. Support Us with a Gift of Securities

The Federal Government completely eliminated the capital gains on gifts of publicly-traded securities to public charities (charitable organizations and public foundations). This measure is effective May 2, 2006. Publicly-traded securities are all securities listed on Canadian and major international exchanges. The category includes stocks, trust units, exchange-traded funds, warrants, etc., as well as mutual fund units and bonds.

Please note: the donation must be an "in kind" transfer of the security itself, not the cash proceeds of a sale of the security. The transfer is best made electronically from the donorís investment account to the Asthma Society of Canada.

Marketable securities are a less costly form of gift because of the reduction in the taxable portion of the capital gain. The bottom line is that donors do not pay any tax on the appreciation on gifted assets and a portion of their gift can be used to offset taxes on other income.

Please review the accompanying illustration and contact us at 1-866-787-4050, email: for further information or any questions you may have.

An illustration is outlined below:

Elimination of Capital Gains Tax on Donations of Publicly-Traded Securities

Marginal tax rate at 46% for illustration
Assume Market Value $1
Assume Cost Base $2

  Stock Sold Stock Donated
  Donor sold the Appreciated Publicly Traded Stock or Security and donated the cash proceeds (No capital gain reduction) Donor Donates the Appreciated Directly Publicly Traded Stocks or Security to the Asthma Society of Canada
Fair Market Value (FMV) at time of disposition $ 50,000 $ 50,000
Cost Base (Original cost of shares) $ 10,000 $ 10,000
Capital Gain $ 40,000 $ 40,000
Taxable Gain $ 23,000 (50% of Gain) $ 0 (0% of Gain)
Tax Credit from Donation (46.00% of FMV) $ 23,000 $ 23,000
Tax on Gain (46.00% of Taxable Gain) $ 9,200 $ 0
Tax Saving on Capital Gain Exemption $ 0 $ 9,200
Total Tax Savings $ 13,800 $ 32,200

For gifts of cash, the annual contribution limit is 75% of income. For gifts of appreciated property, the annual contribution limit is 75% of income (including taxable capital gain) plus 25% of taxable capital gain.

46.41% is the maximum combined marginal tax rate relevant in Ontario for 2006.

The 2006 Federal Budget announced that there will no longer be any capital gains tax payable on donations of publicly traded securities made on or after May 2, 2006.

Donors should consult with their professional advisors with respect to authoritative advice on potential tax savings for gifts of securities.

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6. Make a Gift in Honour or in Memory of Someone Special

Remember someone special, either through an In-Memoriam or Tribute Gift We will send a card to the person of your choice to notify them of the gift.

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7. Make a Planned Gift

The desire to contribute something meaningful and lasting to our community - to make it better for having lived - is one of human nature's most powerful desires. As life unfolds, some people are able to make their gift - a legacy of hope for the future. Planning such an ultimate gift can be one of the most satisfying and exhilarating experiences of your life. Your gift can be accomplished in any number of creative ways, each one of them a flame of hope for the future.

Charitable Bequest
This is an easy way to make a gift. Simply leave the Asthma Society of Canada in your will. The gift can be a specific amount, percentage or residual amount.

Life Insurance
By designating the Asthma Society of Canada as the owner and beneficiary of a paid up, current or new policy you will be able to make a significant future gift without diminishing your estate.

To speak to a representative of the Asthma Society of Canada about a planned gift, please contact us at 1-866-787-4050, email:

If you have already designated the Asthma Society of Canada to receive a planned gift, please let us know so that we can include you in our Planned Gift Recognition Program.

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8. Make a Designated Donation through the United Way

You may direct all or part of your United Way donation to the Asthma Society of Canada, even though we are not a United Way member agency. Simply write on the back of the pledge card: I want ____% of my donation to go to the Asthma Society of Canada. Charitable registration # 89853-7048-RR0001. The United Way will send your donation to us and mail you a receipt. Let us know about your United Way Designation. Contact us at

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The Asthma Society is on the front-lines everyday. Real people, real situations, real concerns. Learn about how the services we provide reach into people's lives and help them live better with asthma.

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