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How Funding Helps

Donations to the Asthma Society of Canada provide the annual funding required to carry out a broad base of programs and services and to fund research into the treatment, prevention and ultimate cure for asthma.

Your donation will help us to provide:

  • Professional educational intervention, counselling and community referrals through our toll-free asthma support line.
  • Personalized education and counselling through the toll-free line and this Web site.
  • Ask the Expert program through e-mail.
  • Development of new patient education materials, programs and asthma management tools.
  • A wide range of informative publications designed to help and support people with asthma.
  • Research grants to scientists who are searching for more effective treatments for controlling asthma, keeping the airways open and making breathing easier for millions of people with asthma.

Asthma Society of Canada

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