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Services and Programs

National Asthma Awareness Program

Virtually all Canadians with asthma could live symptom-free if their asthma was managed well. Poor asthma control is a significant problem and although many people living with asthma believe their asthma is under control, when surveyed most were unclear what “good asthma control” really means.

The Asthma Society of Canada is working with our broad base of partners to bring awareness of asthma, to the general public and to those who are living with or caring for other living with asthma. 

We work with our respiratory health professionals and partners to develop and distribute resources provide information on what asthma is; the triggers which may cause an attack and provide support and strategies which empower people living with asthma to live as symptom-free life as possible, improving their quality of life and achieving their goals.

Our volunteers attend community information and health fairs, distributing our materials and encouraging those living with asthma to contact us for support and more information.

National awareness campaigns around World Asthma Day, the September Peak and Seasonal Flu allow us to bring specific focus to the current issues and facilitate discussion and awareness of specific issues.

Environmental Programs
Air pollution, both indoor and outdoor, puts people with asthma at risk for worsening symptoms. The Asthma Society provides information and tools to assist in helping people with asthma to identify what triggers an asthma attack for them, and to eliminate or avoid them as required.

Children are at highest risk from air pollution due to the small size of their lungs. The Asthma Society advocate actions that will benefit the health of Canadians with asthma. The focus is on creating and maintaining healthier indoor environments to reduce asthma mortality and morbidity and enhance the quality of life for those with asthma. The Asthma Society will continue to increase awareness and knowledge around indoor allergens and irritants, and how to avoid or minimize contact.

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Click here for tip sheets and information about potential asthma triggers in the Fall and Winter seasons.

Click here for information and a copy of an Asthma Action Plan and information about infants and children.

Click here for more information about Asthma and school.

Our newsletter keeps you up-to-date on asthma in a fresh and interesting way. Learn about the latest news and views. A good source for asthma and allergy tips.

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