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Web Site Program

The Asthma Society's Educational Web Site
The Asthma Society of Canada's Web site is a comprehensive, easy-to-navigate resource about asthma. It is designed to provide Canadians with evidence-based, age appropriate, market tested asthma information, education, support, and management tools.

The site was developed using the Canadian Asthma Consensus Guidelines and a set of educational objectives and key messages for adults and children. Each site page can be connected back to a specific educational objective.

Completed: Phase 1 of the adult site includes asthma information as well as research updates, management tools, and lifestyle articles. Visitors can check-out weather and pollen reports, ask questions of the Asthma Expert, and submit their personal stories and tips for posting.

Completed: Phase 2 Incorporated an online community where people living with asthma can communicate with others in a moderated environment through message boards and virtual support groups.

Completed: Phase 3 included an asthma education center and resource locator. This tool assists the consumer in locating certified asthma educators, support groups and other resource individuals in their own communities.

Phase 4- In progress


Through the oversight of the Asthma Medical and Scientific Accreditation Committee, the Asthma Society will research, develop and market a searchable online database of asthma resources across Canada. Only resources that have passed the standards set out by the committee will be included, ensuring that asthma patients receive only fully accredited and validated information.

Asthma resources will include everything from Canadian asthma research; what asthma products are available and where they can be purchased; where asthma clinics are located; and a full listing of accredited information resources for patients.

The Asthma Society of Canada gratefully acknowledges the support of AstraZeneca Canada for providing a grant to enable us to research and develop this site.

The Asthma Kids Educational Web Site

The Asthma Society undertook an online competitive audit and a usability study to examine the online behaviour of Canadian parents and their children. Many valuable findings were gathered about the needs of families living with asthma, including their need for current, age appropriate information, evidence-based learning tools, and friendly support systems.

Completed: Phase 1 of focused on helping children learn about asthma, and increasing their understanding of what it means to have good asthma control. Children were encouraged to send in their drawings about how they felt about their asthma and they were able to contact our Certified Asthma Educator to talk about the challenges they may face.

Phase 2 For release in the Summer of 2004, will allow for increased interactivity through more educational games, and through the building of an "Asthma Kids" online community. This will offer children an ongoing, professionally moderated support area to interact with others who are also dealing with similar challenges.

Phase 1 and 2 are focused on children aged 6 to 12.

Phase 3 will be designed for adolescents and will include definitive research into the needs of teenagers living with asthma.

The Asthma Society of Canada gratefully acknowledges the support of GlaxoSmithKline Canada in providing a grant to enable us to research and develop this unique online destination for children.

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