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World Asthma Day 2010

The National Asthma Patient Alliance (NAPA) is a group of Canadians who have asthma, or have someone in their life affected by asthma. The goals of NAPA are to:

  • Increase awareness about how to achieve asthma control
  • Advocate on asthma issues and on behalf of Canadians with asthma
  • Build a network of volunteers dedicated to improving asthma care and education

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Who are NAPA members - People like Jim

Who are NAPA members - people like John

Read our latest e-newsletters:

Follow NAPA member and long distance runner John C. Healy's blog as he prepares for his run with asthma.
If you are active with your asthma, we’d love you to join Team Asthma! We’re developing a network of active Canadians who can proudly wear the Team Asthma logo and prove that asthma does not stop you from achieving your goals. If you have a special talent that you’d like to use in a fundraising effort, we encourage you to join as well. Sign up and get more information today!

Asthma Ambassadors is our peer-to-peer support and education program. People are able to manage chronic diseases such as asthma much better if they have support from a friend while doing so. If you would like our asthma education kits to help your friends, family and co-workers manage their asthma, click here for more information about this new program.

Do you know your numbers? Let the Air Quality Health Index help guide your outdoor activity schedule. Help reduce the number of poor air quality days by using the 20/20 Planner to reduce your energy consumption by 20%.

NAPA Patient Educational Webinar Series  

Watch our most recent webinar on Influenza and Asthma. Stay tuned for announcements about future webinars.


Advocacy Activities

The National Asthma Patient Alliance held its 5th Anniversary Meeting in Quebec City on August 18th. Read more about the experience from NAPA Executive Member Kerri MacKay. Click here

We are pleased to release a report on the key findings from our 2010 NAPA member survey: Moving Asthma Issues Forward. Click here to access the survey results.

What’s the Issue?
This coming fall, there will be at least 5 provincial elections across the country. Whether you’ve got an election coming locally or not, we’re happy help educate you about some of the topics that the National Asthma Patient Alliance is working on.
Medications in Schools

(National Asthma Patient Alliance) position statement regarding the Canadian Transportation Agency's decision to accommodate air travelers with nut allergies.

NAPA (National Asthma Patient Alliance) position statement in response to the recent decision regarding pets traveling in the cabin on
Air Canada flights.
National Asthma Patient Alliance - NAPA

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  • Be a member of the growing advocacy group to help ensure that Canadians with asthma have a voice and participate in advocacy initiatives.

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Make Asthma Yours To Control

Asthma Control is in your hands: for the most part, control of your asthma rests with you. You are the one managing it on a day-to-day basis. To find out more check the Patient Responsibilities section of the Asthma Patient Bill of Rights.

The ASC and McMaster University are pleased to provide you with this new interactive e-Learning module. Animations and illustrations help you understand how You Can Control Your Asthma.
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e-Learning Module Poster
to inform your friends and colleagues about it.

Did you know?...

According to national research studies, asthma is not well controlled in 60% of people with asthma. What is the explanation for this lack of control? Perhaps there are some common misconceptions.

Please check the
Top 10 Asthma Myths
Asthma Society of Canada - July 2017