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Team Asthma are Canadians living with asthma and/or are supporting asthma education, support and research by raising money through sport and other physical activities. We proudly wear the Team Asthma logo and show that asthma can't stop us from reaching our goals!

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By Phone: 
   Nationwide: 1-866-787-4050 
   Toronto: 416-787-4050 0 

By Fax:
   Print the Sign-Up Form below
   and fax it to: 416-787-5807

By Mail:
   Print the Sign-Up Form below
   and mail it to:

     Asthma Society of Canada -
     Team Asthma
     124 Merton Street, Suite 401
     Toronto, ON M4S 2Z2

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Already a member of Team Asthma? Email to let us know which race you are running in.


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