Ian Fish on Mountain top

Setting goals to achieve your dreams can be daunting.  But when you achieve a life-long dream through hard-work and determination, the sky is the limit, literally!

Ian Fish has struggled with asthma since he was 5. Some of his oldest memories involve him lying inside oxygen tents with doctors in attendance. Over the years, his asthma has evolved into chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), resulting from years of unmanaged asthma and scarring of his lung tissue.

Both because of, and as a reaction to, his reduced lung function, Ian decided to change his lifestyle, and climbing a mountain was the goal.  It took years, but his grit and belief in himself have carried him through.  Now, on his fourth climb, he does not see an end in sight.

On Sept. 4th – 14th, Ian and a team of friends will be scaling three Alberta peaks, Mt. Edith Cavell, Mt. Charlton and Mt. Unwin and carrying the message that for everyone, including all people with asthma, the sky is the limit!  Asthma and lung disease can be managed to support living a healthy lifestyle.

This will be his fourth charity climb since 2012 and his first one in support of Asthma Canada.

Great things are done when men and mountains meet, according to William Blake.

Ian Fish would agree.

To support Team Asthma and Ian’s fundraising efforts, please click here.