Due to community feedback, we have highlighted a need to provide ongoing educational information on Severe Asthma and newly emerging biologic asthma treatments.

Asthma Canada will be hosting a free educational webinar on December 6th at 1:00pm EDT on Living Well with Severe Asthma. This 1-hour webinar will feature respected physician Dr. Ron Olivenstein.

Severe Asthma affects approximately 250,000 Canadians – together, let’s discuss how Severe Asthma impacts our lives and learn about innovative treatment options available or emerging in Canada.

What You’ll Takeaway:

✓ What is Severe Asthma?
✓ What do you need to know about Severe Asthma? What questions should you be asking your healthcare provider?
✓ How can you self-advocate for support, further testing and treatment options?
✓ What is the difference between Severe Asthma and uncontrolled asthma?
✓ How is Severe Asthma currently being treated in Canada?
✓ What are biologics and how is the treatment landscape changing?

Who Should Attend?

✓ People living with Severe Asthma, or those who think they may have Severe Asthma
✓ Caregivers, family members, educators
✓ Healthcare professionals, Certified Respiratory Educators, Respiratory Therapists, Nurses
✓ Anyone who has an interest in Severe Asthma and new treatment options in Canada

Please register to join us for Living Well with Severe Asthma.

Wednesday December 6th at 1:00PM EDT

Ron Olivenstein, MD
Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, Division of Respiratory Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, McGill University
Dr. Olivenstein’s research focuses on asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). His research interests include clinical trials in asthma and COPD, investigations into airway inflammation in severe asthma and innovative therapies such as bronchial thermoplasty. He has collaborated extensively with industry in testing the effects of novel therapeutic agents in asthma and has helped to establish a well-characterized severe asthma cohort at the Montreal Chest Institute.