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Asthma Canada Launches National Research Program, July 2017

Asthma Canada is proud to announce the launch of our new National Research Program, an initiative to provide grants to emerging Canadian researchers engaged in early-onset and late-onset asthma research. In partnership with AllerGen NCE Inc., in 2017, the Program will grant two awards to Masters level (MSc/MScN) student researchers; and two awards to PhD level student researchers. Applications are now open.

Call for Proposals | Application | News Release

Severe Asthma: The Canadian Patient Journey

The First-Ever Patient Study of Severe Asthma in Canada

Read the report:

Full Report | Executive Summary
Full Report | Executive Summary

The National Asthma Patient Alliance (NAPA) is a group of Canadians who have asthma, or care about someone with asthma.  Sign up to receive your free NAPA membership including our e-newsletter, as well as advocacy and volunteer opportunities. Click here
Team Asthma
Team Asthma are Canadians living with asthma and/or people looking to support asthma by raising money through sport and other physical activities. Proudly wear the Team Asthma logo and show that asthma can't stop us from reaching our goals! To find out more click here.

Asthma Ambassadors
Do you want asthma information kits to share with friends and family to help them manage their asthma?  The Asthma Ambassadors is a peer-to-peer support and education program.  For more information on how you can help Click Here!


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Taking Control of Your Asthma 
The ASC and McMaster University are pleased to provide you with this new interactive e-Learning module. The module consists of animations and illustrations that help you understand how to Take Control of Your Asthma.
e-Learning Module - Click Here > >

Join Dr. Eugene Airway and become an Asthma Agent. is an exciting way for kids to learn about their asthma. Visit!

Learn more about potential asthma triggers for every season of the year. 4 seasons of asthma highlights both indoor and outdoor asthma triggers summer, fall, winter and spring. Learn more by visiting

bad air day

Visit the Asthma Society’s Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) webpage. The AQHI is a web-based scale which indicates a local reading of air quality as it relates to your health.

New! Download your own Guide for 
Being Active and Healthy with Asthma

Download the guide in English or French.




The Asthma Society welcomes its new President & CEO, Vanessa Foran.

Struggling to Breathe? Download our new Asthma Infographic.

The Asthma Society and Bruce Power have released a report on Emissions in Ontario called Clean Air Ontario. Read the report here.

ASC President Dr. Robert Oliphant speaks about women and asthma on SiriusXM's 'What She Said.' listen here.

Is your child prepared for the September Asthma Peak? Read more...

First-Ever Patient Study of Severe Asthma in Canada Identifies Significant Gaps in Treatment and Care. Read the release

For Life and Breath Summit builds connect to better environment. Read the release

ASC Launches First ever Guide for Being Active and Healthy with Asthma.
Available in English and French.

Read about the vital role of pharmacists in asthma management in BC Pharmacy Association's The Tablet. Click here

Asthma Society partners with University of Alberta and Anaphylaxis Canada to pilot an innovative project that helps children with asthma and severe allergies. Click here.

New Report co-authored by the Asthma Society with partners from the Pembina Institute, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, and the Lung Association of Alberta shows that the health and climate impacts from coal power costs Alberta millions.

Read about important updates to Air Canada and WestJet policies on
receiving accommodation for your severe allergy to cats." With the
following link: Click here.

Click here for more news.




Sustainable Online Support for Children and Adolescents affected by Asthma and Allergies (2012). The Social Support Research Program at the University of Alberta, in partnership with the Asthma Society of Canada and Anaphylaxis Canada is working to help children and youth manage asthma and severe allergies. In the fall of 2012, we successfully launched a pilot online peer-mentoring project with 30 children, 7-12, from across Canada with asthma and severe allergies at risk of anaphylaxis. Click Here for more information.

Asthma Education on Triggers, Environmental Control and Asthma Management: Two Tools Designed by and for First Nations Communities (2012). Developed a new culturally relevant "Asthma Triggers" workbook for First Nations. and adapt, develop and test the "Roaring Adventures of Puff" in as a new version titled Legend of Tahnee, the Wolf: My Asthma Journey. Click here for the Executive Summary.

The Respiratory Health Awareness Community Outreach and Engagement Model in First Nations, Inuit and Métis Communities: Pilot Intervention (2012) Building on our Phase I project with the National Lung Health Framework, developed and piloted a new Respiratory Health Awareness Model and Tool-Kit of resources in 7 First Nation, Innuit and Métis communities across Canada. Click here for the Summary Report.

Air Quality Health Index awareness and promotion to Canadians with chronic respiratory disease (2011 and 2012) Developed resources for individuals with chronic respiratory conditions, particularly asthma and/or associated allergies, to provide them with information about the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI). Click here for the Final Report.

Air Quality Heath Index and the 20/20 Way to Clean Air Campaign for Urban First Nations and for Participants in Marathons, Runs and Walks in the City of Toronto (Two projects - Summer/Fall 2012) In partnership with Toronto Public Health working to raise awareness about air pollution and respiratory health in First Nations people and among athletes participating in Toronto organized runs and walks. Click here for the First Nations Final Report and Click here for the Organized Race Events Final Report.

Air Quality Heath Index and the 20/20 Way to Clean Air Campaign for First Nations people and Chinese community members with asthma and associated allergies residing in GTA (June 2011) In partnership with Toronto Public Health worked to raise awareness about air pollution and respiratory health in First Nations people and Chinese community members. Click here for the Final Report.

An Exploration of First Nations and Inuit Perspectives on Community Respiratory Health Initiatives (National Lung Health Framework project) (2010) Lead organization performing a baseline needs assessment on the kind and type of resources and materials for First Nations, Inuit and Métis.
Click here for the Executive Summary
Click here for the Project Fact Sheet
Click here for the Final Report

A Shared Voice (June 2010) Collected background information about existing asthma education resources for First Nations and Inuit community members, and identified how to make them culturally appropriate. Click here for the Summary Report.

Moving Asthma Issues Forward (2010) 2010 patient survey of NAPA members, their concerns and priorities for advocacy. Click here to view the survey results.

The Partnership in Lung Age Testing and Education (PLATE) Programme (2010) A one year project to determine effectiveness of a population-based approach to the management of asthma, associated allergies and COPD. Click here for the Final Report.


Taking Control - Living Well with Severe Asthma. View the video & accompanying booklet online:
English: Booklet / Video
Francais: Brochure / Vidéo
Contact us to receive your own DVD copy.

Certified Asthma & Allergy Friendly


This interactive site is full of easy to navigate features to help visitors find information they may need about Certified Asthma & Allergy friendly™ products. Learn More > >

Have a healthy home with LG Certified washing machines. Learn More > >

Allergies Count Too (ACT) provides people with asthma and/or allergies, their family members and health care professionals with relevant, up-to-date information about asthma, as well as enhanced education and support for allergy management. Click Here

Self-Advocacy Guide

The Asthma Society proudly announces a new resource for people with asthma. 

Breathe Easy – Self-Advocacy Guide for Canadians with Asthma is a 36-page handbook which will help guide you through complex healthcare systems and learn about the people who can help you control your asthma.

Walking A Good Walk With Asthma

Walking A Good Walk with Asthma, an educational workbook. Designed by and for First Nation communities who worked with the Asthma Society to adapt our Triggers booklet, this workbook is culturally relevant and highlights personal stories from First Nations community members living with asthma.



Fighting for Breath: Severe Asthma Conference

3rd Annual World Asthma Day Conference, May 6-7, 2016. Visit for more information.

Host an Event:
Looking to support the Asthma Society and help raise awareness of asthma and allergies? Why not develop and implement your own fundraiser such as walks/runs, home parties, yard sales, and personal challenges. For more information about 3rd party fundraising contact:

Team Asthma Charity Races
Join Team Asthma at various races across Canada, raising money in support of the 3 million Canadians living with asthma. Click here for more information.


Past Events

May 4-5, 2015
2nd Annual World Asthma Day Conference addressing the effects of climate change on asthma and respiratory allergies.

Learn more:

Respiratory Health & Environment Summit
April 30-May 1, 2014
Visit our archived event webpage:

About the Asthma Society
Did you know that we are the only national organization whose sole mandate is to help Canadians live well with asthma? Find out more about us, including our programs, publications, special events and how you can help.

Asthma Education Centres are available across Canada for people with asthma. Use this tool to find an asthma education centre near you!
Services & Programs

The Asthma Society of Canada has developed a number of programs to help Canadians with asthma to achieve symptom free living.

We have developed a variety of free educational materials and resources that provide Canadians with the latest asthma news and information.

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